Thursday, March 22, 2012

Filipino Basketball Leagues

Let’s Play Basketball The Filipino Way
Although according to some survey soccer was the most popular sport around the globe. I wouldn’t contest that but for Filipino people they rather shoot the ball than to kick it. Indeed basketball was the most famous and well played sport in the country, if only basketball was not created by a foreigner maybe they will consider adopting it as their national sport. Their passion for the game was phenomenal as it is shown basketball courts can be find  everywhere, on streets, backyard, garage, on a tree, and even on little place that they can hang the hoop. Low economy doesn’t affect the fanatics from playing and they can even play with just their bare feet, that’s was enthusiast they are for the game of basketball.

The Excitement Of Collegiate Basketball
For international baller’s the hotness of NCAA March madness is one of the anticipated season due to the thrill and excitement that brings and the intensity was different since they carrying their University’s name and honor. However, in the Philippines they also have a collegiate basketball league which is also called it NCAA but are not directly related with the NCAA in America and were their local version. It fact it was founded in 1925 fourteen years before the US NCAA tournament was established. Compared to American NCAA having 68 teams to compete their league format was composed of only eight teams battling to win the prestigious collegiate championship. These university contenders with their corresponding monikers include:
1.   Arellano University – Arellano Chiefs
2.   Letran College – Letran Knights
3.   College of Saint Benilde – CBC Blazers
4.   Emilio Aguinaldo College – EAC Generals
5.   Jose Rizal University – JRU Heavy Bombers
6.   Mapua Institute of Technology – Mapua Cardinals
7.   San Beda University – San Beda Red Lions
8.   San Sebastian College - San Sebastian Golden Stags
9.   Perpetual University – Perpetual Altas

Let’s Play Pro

In this country maturation from amateur to pro is done just like what they do in USA. After graduating from college they can include themselves into draft to get picked, if not that lucky they can first go to a developmental league to hasten their skills and wait to be noticed. There is only one organization that is responsible for the developmental league and the pro league this is none other than Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). This organization was the oldest professional basketball league in Asia and second in the world after NBA. It was started in 1975 and its regulations are a hybrid rules from International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). It was compose of 9 pioneer company banded franchised teams and not based on geographic locale which means that they don’t have the home court and the league just rent a basketball stadium to occupy during the games.

There are some league that tried to compete with PBA such as the Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA) where they set a completely new rules and format they even allow foreign nationals to play in their league. Natives supported this league since they love basketball but the success lasted for only five years due to lack of financial funding. PBA was now on its 37th season and still going strong, a typical Filipino household would not be complete without watching their favorite PBA team playing.
Hottest Teams And Players
The starting years of PBA was an epic since each team are battling for hoop supremacy. Rivalries between the competing teams brought hypes to the game and the famous rivals are Crispa Redmanizers and Toyota Comets their rivalry was comparable to NBA’s long rival LA Lakers and Boston Celtics. However, because each team is company branded product franchised nobody can tell whether how long a team will last. At present all the pioneer teams was replaced by new team franchises. List of the pioneer teams and the present best teams includes:

·         Carrier Weathermakers
·         Crispa Redmanizers
·         Noritake Porcelainmakers
·         Presto Ice Cream
·         Royal Tru-Orange
·         Seven-Up Uncolas
·         Tanduay Rhum Makers
·         Toyota Comets
·         U-Tex Weavers

Present- Best
·         Petron Blaze Boosters (San Miguel Beermen) – 19 championships.
·         Alaska Aces – 13 championships.
·         Bmeg Llamados (Purefoods Tj Hotdogs) – 8 championships.
·         Ginebra Kings – 8 championships.
·         Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters – 5 championships.

During its 37 years of existence PBA was able to produced players that have a quality of a basketball superstar. Filipinos have indeed a talent in the said sport even though they lack in height compared neighboring Asian countries. They have the skills and the guts that made them exceed. During its 25th year anniversary PBA announce their list of 25 greatest players in PBA history and was followed by a friendly game between the GOAT. Those that occupy the slot include:
1.   Johnny Abarrientos   
2.   Bogs Adornado
3.   Renato Agustin
4.   Francis Arnaiz
5.   Ricardo Brown
6.   Allan Caidic
7.   Hector Calma
8.   Philip Cezar
9.   Atoy Co
10.                 Jerry Codinera
11.                 Kenneth Duremdes
12.                 Bernie Fabiosa
13.                 Ramon Fernadez
14.                 Danny Florencio
15.                 Abet Guidaben
16.                 Freddie Hubalde
17.                 Robert Jaworski
18.                 Jojo Lastimosa
19.                 Lim Eng Beng
20.                 Samboy Lim
21.                 Ronnie Magsanoc
22.                 Vergel Meneses
23.                 Manny Paner
24.                 Alvin Patrimonio
25.                 Benjie Paras

Present- Best
1.   James Yap
2.   Jimmy Alapag
3.   Arwind Santos
4.   Gary David
5.   Laurence Tenorio

How Much Do Filipino Players Gets?
The profit of a pro basketball player in Philippines is luxurious enough than other professions. According to the new salary cap that was approved by the PBA boards the new salary cap was increased to 42 million a year, which means that a star players can get as high as 420,000 pesos a month depending on their performance which is equivalent to almost 10grand in US money. Although not as high as what Kobe gets, but still to earn 10 g’s a month is a lot.
For Hoop Junkies Around The Globe
For basketball enthusiast you can also follow this international league by their web site ( or by subscribing to Filipino channel. Here is some of the list that caters PBA games via live streams:

It’s more fun playing basketball in the Philippines. Do you know any international league aside from PBA? Share your inputs by hitting the comment box below.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best Hairstyles In NBA

Top 10 Hairstyles In NBA
NBA players are are most of the time idolized and remembered with their fashion inside and outside the hard court. Players personalities are often seen through their hair style. It also reflects that way they play inside the hard court. As time goes by different types of hair styles are seen and imitated by fans around the globe. Here are the top ten best in NBA.

10. The Flattop 

9.  The Mop

8.  All Busines

7. The Dreads

6. The Mohawk

5.  The Masterpiece

4. The Gangster

3. The Iverson

2. The 'Fro

1. The Bald Head

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Want It Fit Or Loose?

How Does NBA Jerseys Evolve?
As being part of basketball game itself jerseys made's team appealing to everyone watching. But how did jerseys differ from before and the present? I bet most of us hoop junkies knows the difference isn't it? The jerseys they used to wear before up to the end years of 80's were too short and basically tight fit. I think the primary reason for it was for greater mobilization. Showing most of the legs and the arms will allow to move freely without any inconvenience.

However, things change as soon as the new decade starts. They are now trying to revolutionized the way jerseys are. As soon as 90-91 season there was noticeable increase on the jerseys from shorts to tops. It was the image of having a tightly fit uniform is no longer more visible. As years comes along team uniform starts to be loose maybe influence by the hip hop generation. But is this more better that the retro fits? I think that it still depends on the players preference. Some may want it loose or others may want it tight, but if your going to asked me? I think semi loose might fit well since it is not that tight that will suffocate my johnson at the same time I can move freely with it.

How about you fellow junkies, which type of jersey do you like? The loose or the tights?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ankle Breaker

Killer Cross Over Move
To be a effective in the game of basketball you need to have a variety of moves to eludes the defense. One of the best and hottest move to learn was the cross over. It is a effective move that if performs perfectly can break off the ankle of the one guarding you. It is first popularized in NBA and it continues to present day.

Who Started the Cross Over Move?
Although Allen Iverson popularized this move a lot, the first player that used this move in a real game was Pearl Washington and it was revolutionized since then. Some of the players of the previous and present player that posses this kind of move are:
  1. Pearl Washington
  2. Tim Hardaway
  3. Allen Iverson
  4. Dwayne Wade 
  5. Derick Rose
There are bunch of guys out there that can make the move but these guys put the move at the pedestal. Some of them has the different techniques on how to do it but as for me Tim Hardaway's technique was the best and he is the one that started the hype about it. 

So what are we waiting for hoop junkies grab that ball and start breaking some ankles!

NBA Best Jerseys

Top NBA Jerseys

Jerseys serves as a one component in the game of basketball since they put identity to the team that was playing. The most copied jersey style was mostly from the NBA some of which are the retro once so lets dig to the top 5 best jersey in NBA.

1.San Francisco Warriors - Classic jersey that stood up from past and present uniforms. I doubt if somebody could beat this.

2. Los Angeles Lakers - Who could ever forget this jersey? It has a lot of championship memories from     the era of Wilt Chamberlain to present times probably one of the hottest jersey in town.

3. Washington Bullets - Combination of white, red, and blue lateral stripes makes this jersey unique. The concept was awesome that it would fit well to his "Airness" Mj itself.

4. New York Nets - Unbeatable jersey that was popularized by "Dr. J" Julius Erving itself. It somewhat resembles the American flag with red, white and blue colors accompanied by stars.

5. Miami Heat - This modern black and white heat jersey is one of the most sought after jersey this season. Its color brings simplicity and uniqueness to it. And no one else can fits it better than the big three Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Lebron James. 

Which of these jerseys you love the most?

Friday, March 2, 2012

The First NBA Kicks!

What Kicks That Started It All?

Shoes was a very important factor in the game of basketball. It supports the sole of your feet at the same time its provides a support to the ankle preventing any form form of injury to occurs. The Father of all basketball kicks was the original Chuck Taylor's by Converse they are the first best pair of kicks that was launched and used in 40's. It provide a lot of comfort for most of the basketball player at that time.

First To Launched A Signature Kicks?

The very first player to launched a signature shoes was "Dr. J" Julius Erving. He is the first one to take basketball shoes to the next level. It started back in mid 1972 the prime of Dr. J and everyone at the era wants to have a pairs of Dr. J which at that time was must have. The signature shoe of Dr. J was made by the same shoes company that made the Chuck Taylor's which is Converse. The hype continues as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird equipped themselves with pair of Converse as their rivalry continues.

1983 was the year when Nike launches their first shoe that was name Air Force 1. They equipped this shoes with the air sole which brings much comfort for the players as they move.

Era Of Jordan's

Way back 1985 is when the large collection of kicks was born. This was made to happen after the Nike Company select a then rookie Michael Jordan. It revolutionized the ways people look at basketball kicks. It was named after him and later become a shoes brand under Nike which was called air Jordan's. His shoe line was full of twist and colors that sometimes NBA making him fine for wearing a colorful pair of shoes. Moreover, this was the beginning of a much stylistic, more colorful and top of the line shoes that we have today. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's INSANE in NBA!!!

When Did Insanity Started?

This insanity in NBA was started when players posterized their opponents or in some cases make some magical and unbelievable moves to the basket. Some are categorized to their hotness during the game and they cant just miss a single shot or sometimes those that hits the staggering buzzer beater shots are considered to be insane. This world insane was started to be linked to a name of the player in early 00's and to the present. It is such a hype that every fans love the thrill every-time a player do some out of this world move. This insanity thing is becoming so popular that everyone wants to join the bandwagon.

Era of Vinsanity

Vinsanity was started as soon as Vince Cater a North Carolina native enters the NBA and play with the Toronto Raptors. But the nickname "VINSANITY" was called to him after her monstrous jams over jams and can't stop from posterizing everyone that blocks his way to the ring. Furthermore, it brings much more hype when he won the 2000 NBA All Star Slam dunk Champion as he showcase his high flying hot dunks that made the basketball all "Vinsane!" He did not won a championship yet but his legacy as the best dunker in the NBA still lives in heart of every basketball fans.

Era of Linsanity

After almost a decade a new star makes way to his to the center of the hype as the insanity continues. This time its not about the high flying moves but more of incredible passes, soaring lay ups and staggering buzzer beater shots. I'm referring to none other than Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. Lin started his basketball career in Harvard University and begin his journey in the NBA in 2010 by playing in his hometown team Golden State Warriors. Although he does not achieved that much in Golden State he was then signed a contract by the Knicks during the 2011-2012 season. He is not usually the starting point guard for the team, but after a injury suffered by their veteran point guard Baron Davies coach D' Antoni was pushed to put the young Jeremy Lin as the starting point guard.  It was February 4, when Lin starts to hits those big shots and throw those nice assist  which starts building the hype around Madison Square Garden and after a carrying his team for 6 consecutive games then the era of "Linsanity was born!" It become popular that everyone was into this Linsanity fever and even other popular athletes such as Manny Pacquiao shows his appreciation of what Linsanity bring to the basketball world and to his fellow Asian. So far Linsanity is doing great hope he can accomplish more than to earn very Linsane nickname.