Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ankle Breaker

Killer Cross Over Move
To be a effective in the game of basketball you need to have a variety of moves to eludes the defense. One of the best and hottest move to learn was the cross over. It is a effective move that if performs perfectly can break off the ankle of the one guarding you. It is first popularized in NBA and it continues to present day.

Who Started the Cross Over Move?
Although Allen Iverson popularized this move a lot, the first player that used this move in a real game was Pearl Washington and it was revolutionized since then. Some of the players of the previous and present player that posses this kind of move are:
  1. Pearl Washington
  2. Tim Hardaway
  3. Allen Iverson
  4. Dwayne Wade 
  5. Derick Rose
There are bunch of guys out there that can make the move but these guys put the move at the pedestal. Some of them has the different techniques on how to do it but as for me Tim Hardaway's technique was the best and he is the one that started the hype about it. 

So what are we waiting for hoop junkies grab that ball and start breaking some ankles!

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