Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Want It Fit Or Loose?

How Does NBA Jerseys Evolve?
As being part of basketball game itself jerseys made's team appealing to everyone watching. But how did jerseys differ from before and the present? I bet most of us hoop junkies knows the difference isn't it? The jerseys they used to wear before up to the end years of 80's were too short and basically tight fit. I think the primary reason for it was for greater mobilization. Showing most of the legs and the arms will allow to move freely without any inconvenience.

However, things change as soon as the new decade starts. They are now trying to revolutionized the way jerseys are. As soon as 90-91 season there was noticeable increase on the jerseys from shorts to tops. It was the image of having a tightly fit uniform is no longer more visible. As years comes along team uniform starts to be loose maybe influence by the hip hop generation. But is this more better that the retro fits? I think that it still depends on the players preference. Some may want it loose or others may want it tight, but if your going to asked me? I think semi loose might fit well since it is not that tight that will suffocate my johnson at the same time I can move freely with it.

How about you fellow junkies, which type of jersey do you like? The loose or the tights?

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